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15 de December, 2020

New Dignitary of the Disciplinary Court

Noticia JCC

On 31 October, Dr. Luis Henry Moya Moreno was appointed to the President of the Disciplinary Tribunal of the UAE Central Board of Accountants Dr. Luis Henry Moya Moreno in Representation of the Administrative Sector of Trade, Industry and Tourism, appointed by the Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism.

Dr. Moya is a Public Accountant, Specialist in International Audit, Fiscal Review and International Financial Reporting Standards. He currently serves as Director of the Technical Council of the Public Accounting Council - CTCP, in addition to serving as Director of the Latin American Group of Issuers of Financial Reporting Standards – GLENIF.

On the other hand, we recognize Dr. Edgar Roberto Cortés Baquero, who completed his work as dignitary of the Disciplinary Court, a role he has played since 2015.

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