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What is Citizen Participation?

Citizen participation is a fundamental right that allows citizens to create a co-responsible interaction with State entities, allowing them to influence decision-making, oversight and social control of public management in the face of cultural, political, economic, administrative, environmental and social issues.

Mechanisms of citizen participation of the UAE – JCC:

Public hearing of accountability: Report to the public on the results of the management of the Entity either in person, virtually, media, among others. The report is made once a year reporting the management of the immediately preceding year.


Tool that allows to provide information of general interest to the citizenry about the structure of the UAE – Central Board of Accountants, the procedures and services, regulations, contracting, budget execution, mechanisms of interaction between the Entity and the citizenry, the policies, plans and programs, news and reception of petitions, suggestions, complaints, claims, denunciations and congratulations.

Email: @jcc info

Virtual means of communication between citizens and the UAE – JCC, available to attend requests, suggestions, complaints, claims, denunciations and congratulations of the Entity. The media is permanently available.

Citizen participation forum:

Petition rights:

It is any action initiated by any person before the UAE Central Board of Accountants verbally or in writing and received by any means provided by the entity for the purpose. The request may be made in the general or particular interest, for the recognition of a right, the resolution of a legal situation, to request a service, to request information, to formulate consultations, to examine and require copies of documents, to file complaints, denunciations and claims and to lodge appeals. The UAE Central Board of Accountants has arranged different channels such as the website, the institutional mail, the points of attention both in Bogotá and in the different sections, the PBX and the fax for the reception and processing of the Rights of Petition (requests, suggestions, complaints, claims and denunciations) in accordance with the provisions of the law , in order to generate satisfaction in our users by creating continuous improvement actions that allow us to offer a quality service.


Through the website, a survey space has been arranged in order to know the opinion of our users regarding the activities, management, plans and programs of the Entity in order to generate satisfaction in the community. (SEE SATISFACTION SURVEY REPORTS)

Social networks: and @UAEjuntacc

The UAE - JCC has an account on Facebook and Twitter where in addition to providing information to the public, sharing images allows to create a scenario of double-track interaction between the Entity and the users where it is great to know the different opinions.


The UAE – JCC convenes every four (4) years the Public Accountants registered with the Entity and the Institutions of Higher Education that have qualified registration of academic programs of Public Accounting to participate in the process of election of their respective representatives, principal and alternate, for their representation in the Disciplinary Tribunal of the U.A.E Central Board of Accountants.


Scenarios in which the UAE – JCC is invited or organized in order to interact with the community and discuss issues of interest regarding the ethical and disciplinary part of the accounting profession in the country allowing to know the different opinions. The activities are socialized on social networks and the website of the Entity.


- Political Constitution of Colombia.

Article 2. Essential purposes of the State: to serve the community, to promote general prosperity and to ensure the realization of the principles, rights and duties enshrined in the Constitution.

Article 123. Public servants are at the service of the State and the community.

Article 209. The administrative function serves the general interest and is based on the principles of equality, morality, efficiency, economy, speed, impartiality and publicity.

Article 270. The law shall organize the forms and systems of citizen participation to monitor public management at the various administrative levels and their results.

- National Development Plan 2010-2014:

Article 265. Promotion of citizen participation and social capital.

- DOCUMENT CONPES 3650 of 2010:

The Online Government Strategy aims to contribute, through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), to the construction of a more efficient, more transparent, more participatory State that provides better services to citizens and businesses, resulting in a more competitive productive sector, a modern public administration and a more informed community with better instruments for participation.

- CONPES document 3654 of 2010:

It points out that accountability is an expression of social control, which includes actions to request information and explanations, as well as the evaluation of management, and that it seeks transparency in the management of public administration in order to achieve the adoption of the principles of Good Governance.

- Law 1437 of 2011:

Code of Administrative Procedure and Administrative Litigation.

- Law 1474 of 2011:

(Anti-Corruption Statute). By which regulations are issued aimed at strengthening the mechanisms for the prevention, investigation and punishment of acts of corruption and the effectiveness of the control of public management.

Ministry of the Interior:

Deputy Minister for Participation and Equal Rights

National Planning Department:

Directorate of Justice, Security and government

High Council for Regions and Citizen Participation:

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